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​MZ Three Wheeler

Design, development and prototype building


MZ-Motorenwerke Zschopau, Electric Powered Three Wheeler

Tasks and area of responsibility:
Design, CAD-convertion, teamleading and coordination.


Within a very short amount of time we were able to produce a rideable prototype. The project still is partly confidential.
At this time Maximilian Näther, owner of ZOOM designagency has been factories head of design.

The project had to be done very quickly with only few people working on it. Here are the first concepts.

Rideable prototype done in a small team, under high time pressure. The guys were testing the vehicle with weight on it as well. ;)

CAD work for the prototype chassis. Everything was built kinematicly movable, so that suspension and steering systems could be analysed.

​Load pre-calculation test.

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